The Burst Fade Middle Part Hairstyle – A Hot Trend for 2023

The burst fade middle part hairstyle is emerging as one of the hottest hair trends for 2023. This stylish look combines a fade haircut on the sides and back with longer hair on top styled into a middle part. It creates a bold yet refined style that flatters all face shapes.


What is a Burst Fade Middle Part?

A burst fade middle part consists of tight faded sides that “burst” out to longer hair on top. It starts with a fade haircut on the sides and back, with the hair tapered very short at the bottom and gradually getting longer as it goes up towards the top. This creates a high-contrast look.

On top, the hair remains longer, about 2-4 inches. It is parted down the middle to showcase the fade burst effect on the sides. The top hair can be styled in soft waves or curls to add texture and movement.

This modern hairstyle is versatile enough to wear professionally yet edgy enough for a night out. It works well with straight, wavy, or curly hair textures.

burst fade middle part

burst fade middle part2

The Origins of the Burst Fade

The burst fade has its origins in the classic low, mid, and high taper fades that have been popular in black barbershops for decades. It puts a fresh spin on the fade with its dramatic bursts of short sides and longer top.

The middle part has also come back into fashion after years of side parts dominating men’s hair. The combination of these two elements creates a fashion-forward look.

High Burst Fade

Celebrities Sporting the Burst Fade Middle Part

Several celebrities have embraced the burst fade middle part, sparking interest in this eye-catching haircut.

Actor and singer Jaden Smith rocks the look frequently, pairing it with his famous locs. The high contrast shows off his hair’s texture.

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Rapper A$AP Rocky puts his own twist on the style, wearing a burst fade with shaved line designs. He slicks back his long braids on top.

Model Tyson Beckford keeps his burst fade simple yet striking, buzzing the sides close with a razor. His middle part creates symmetry.

The burst fade middle part allows these stars to display their creativity and one-of-a-kind style.

How to Get the Look

To get this on-trend hairstyle, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a fade haircut. Ask your barber for a low, mid or high taper fade based on your personal preference and head shape. Have the sides and back buzzed very close at the bottom, fading up to longer hair on top.
  2. On top, leave at least 2-4 inches of length. The longer the hair on top, the more dramatic the burst effect. Use clippers, shears or razors to create a precise part down the middle.
  3. Style the top hair. Options include brushing it straight back, waving it with a brush and blowdryer, or defining curls with products. Finish with a light hold pomade or wax for shine and separation.
  4. Maintain the look by having the faded sides and back trimmed every 2-3 weeks. Let the top hair grow out for a bolder burst effect.
  5. Enhance the part and faded effect by using a sensitive skin razor to add sharp hairline designs. Get creative!

Tips for Styling the Burst Fade Middle Part

  • When waving or curling the top, apply heat protectant to avoid damage. Blowdry it smooth first before waving or curling.
  • Use a brush and blowdryer to direct the top hair backwards for a slick look, or sweep it to one side for a more casual effect.
  • Matte styling products like clays or pastes work best for texture. Avoid heavy pomades that will weigh down the hair.
  • Always finish with a lighthold wax, pomade or spray for hold. This will keep the style locked in place all day.
  • Middle parts look best on straight, oval and heart shaped faces. Widening the part slightly can help balance round faces.

The burst fade middle part is the modern way to wear the classic taper fade. With its contrast of long and short hair, it makes a bold style statement that demands attention. As more celebrities and influencers embrace it, this hot hair trend will likely dominate 2023.