How to Get the Perfect Burst Fade Mohawk in 6 Easy Steps

The burst fade mohawk is a cool punk rock haircut that combines a mohawk with a burst fade on the sides. This edgy style makes a bold statement and is perfect for someone who wants an eye-catching look. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get this cut step-by-step.

Faux Hawk crop top fade
Photo from:@MENSHAIRUK

Things You’ll Need:

  • Clippers with multiple guard sizes
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Hair clips
  • Styling product (gel, wax, etc.)

Step 1:

Prep the Hair Start by thoroughly brushing and combing the hair smooth so there are no tangles. Use a hair clip to section off the top middle portion of the hair – this will be the mohawk section. The width of the mohawk is personal preference, but 2-4 inches across is typical.

Step 2:

Cut the Sides Using clippers on the sides, start cutting the hair close to the head, beginning around the temples/sideburns and working back. Use a #1 or #2 guard to cut the sides and back down to a uniform short length all over. Take care around the ears and neckline.

Step 3:

Cut the Fade This is where you’ll create the burst fade effect. Switch to a larger #3 or #4 clipper guard and trim slightly up from the bottom #1/2 cut, leaving about an inch of longer hair. Then use an even longer #5-8 guard and trim higher up the sides, creating gradual layers of decreasing hair length up the sides and back.

Step 4:

Define the Mohawk With the clippers, taper and define the mohawk section by trimming the longer hair down closer at the edges. Use scissors to trim and customize the mohawk shape and texture, cutting spikes or layers.

Step 5:

Style the Mohawk
Apply styling product like gel or wax, sculpting the mohawk strip upwards and giving it height and definition. For extra spikes, backcomb or tease sections of the mohawk while blow drying.

Step 6:

Maintain the Cut To keep the mohawk part looking sharp, moisturize and condition it well. Use leave-in conditioners and silicone & paraben-free styling products to avoid buildup. Get a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep the mohawk edges clean and defined.

The sides and back will need re-cutting every 2-3 weeks as the fade grows out. Use the clipper guards to cut it back down to the skin, reconstructing the fade effect. Eventually the mohawk can be trimmed down and transitioned to a new style.

Tips for Styling Your Burst Fade Mohawk:

  • Apply product to damp hair and blow dry for maximum hold.
  • If you want an edgier look, use wax or glue to spike the mohawk strip straight up.
  • For a messier punk look, rub product between your hands and work it through the mohawk, scrunching and tousling the hair.
  • Use a texturizing sea salt spray for beachy, undone texture.
  • Play around with different mohawk heights – taller for events, shorter for everyday.
  • Complement the cut with your clothing choices. Wear rock band tees, leather jackets, or statement shoes.
  • Accessorize! Add punk accessories like studded belts, cool watches, sunglass chains, etc.

The burst fade mohawk is the perfect edgy cut for guys who want a bold, rebellious look. The partly-shaved sides minimized daily styling, while the mohawk strip makes a statement. Following these steps will help you achieve this cool cut. Just be sure to maintain it by re-cutting the fade every few weeks. Amp up your punk rock style by experimenting with styling products and accessories. Your bold new burst fade mohawk is sure to turn heads!