Best Products for Burst Fade Hairstyles: Unlock Your Style Potential

As a hairstylist, I know using the right products is crucial for a great hairstyle. Burst fade hairstyles are popular among men and require specific products to achieve the desired look. In this article, I’ll share the best products for burst fade hairstyles, whether you’re a hairstylist or someone looking to improve your grooming routine.

Burst fade hairstyles



Pomades are perfect for burst fades because they hold your hair in place and add shine. Look for water-based pomades that give you a flexible hold, allowing you to reshape your hair throughout the day. Good brands to consider are Suavecito, Layrite, and Baxter of California.

Hair Clippers:

Hair Clippers

To maintain a clean burst fade, you’ll need a good set of hair clippers. Look for clippers with adjustable blades and different guard sizes so you can achieve various lengths and textures. Wahl, Andis, and Oster are trusted brands that offer professional-grade clippers.

Edge Control Products:

For sharp and defined edges, use edge control products. These help you style and tame your hairline, creating clean lines and a polished finish. Look for lightweight gels or creams that provide a strong hold. Popular choices include Creme of Nature, Hicks Total Transformations, and Murray’s.

Texturizing Spray:

To enhance the burst effect on top of your fade, try using texturizing spray. It adds volume, texture, and hold to your hair, giving it a stylish and effortless look. Look for sprays with a matte finish that won’t weigh down your hair. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray are great options.

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner:

Healthy hair is important for any hairstyle, including burst fades. Use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to nourish your hair and scalp. Look for products that are free of sulfates and hydrate your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. Shea Moisture, OGX, and Paul Mitchell offer excellent moisturizing options.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How often should I wash my burst fade hairstyle?

To prevent hair from drying out, it’s best to wash your scalp every 2 to 3 days. How often you wash your hair will depend on the type of hair and your personal preference. You may need to wash your hair more frequently if you notice that it becomes oily very quickly.

Can I achieve a burst fade at home, or should I visit a professional stylist?

While it’s possible to try a burst fade at home, it’s best to visit a professional stylist for the best results. They have the skills and tools to create clean lines and seamless blending, giving you a polished burst fade.

How can I maintain the shape of my burst fade between salon visits?

Regular trims are essential for maintaining the shape of your burst fade. Invest in a good pair of clippers and learn how to touch up the edges yourself, or visit your stylist for maintenance between salon visits.


To achieve the perfect burst fade hairstyle, it’s crucial to use the right products. Pomades, hair clippers, edge control products, texturizing sprays, and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are key to achieving a polished and well-maintained burst fade. Remember to consult with your stylist for personalized advice and enjoy your stylish and confident look!