51+ Best burst fade crop top Haircuts for Men in 2023

Crop top fades have become a popular hairstyle choice for both men and women in recent years. With its versatility and edgy appeal, it’s no wonder that the burst fade crop top is making waves in the hair fashion scene. In this article, we’ll explore what a crop top fade is, showcase the best designs for 2023, provide styling tips, offer maintenance advice, and answer some frequently asked questions. Get ready to elevate your style with a burst fade crop top!

crop top burst fade
Photofrom: @dynasty_barbers

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What is a Burst Fade Crop Top?

A crop top fade is a haircut that features a longer, textured top and gradually tapers down the sides and back. The burst fade, in particular, adds a unique touch by creating a faded effect around the ears and back of the head, resembling a burst of light. This style offers a blend of a classic short cut with modern flair, allowing individuals to showcase their personality and creativity.

Best Crop Top Fade Designs in 2023

Textured Quiff :

Textured Quiff

The textured quiff combines a voluminous top with a subtle fade, creating a stylish and versatile look suitable for various occasions.

Crop Top Low Fade:

Crop Top Low Fade
Photo From: alan_beak

This design features a low fade, starting around the temples and gradually fading down. It’s a clean and polished option for those who prefer a more subtle transition.

Crop Top Mid Fade:

Crop Top Mid Fade
Photo from: @alan_beak

With a mid fade, the tapering starts midway up the sides, resulting in a balanced and well-blended hairstyle. It’s a popular choice that suits different hair types.

Short Bangs Burst Fade Crop Top:

Short Bangs
Photo from: @ashxlauren

For those who prefer a shorter fringe, the short bangs crop top fade offers a bold and defined look that frames the face.

Classic Wedge Top:

Classic Wedge Top
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

The classic wedge top combines a longer, tapered top with a clean fade, resulting in a timeless and sophisticated style.

Youthful Textured Burst Fade Crop Top:

Youthful Textured
Photo from:@MENSHAIRUK

This design embraces texture and volume, allowing for a youthful and effortlessly cool appearance.

Tousled Crop Top Taper Fade:

Tousled Crop Top
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

By incorporating tousled hair on top and a tapered fade, this hairstyle creates a rugged and stylish aesthetic.

Two-Tone Crop Fade:

Two-Tone Crop Fade
Photo from: Z_RAMSEY

For a more daring and eye-catching look, the two-tone crop fade incorporates contrasting colors or highlights to enhance the texture and depth of the style.

Short Fade Crop Top Fade:

Short Fade Crop Top Fade
Photo from: @alan_beak

This variation features a shorter length on top with a high fade, offering a sleek and contemporary appearance.

Curly Burst Fade Crop Top:

Photo from: @yeganebarber

If you have naturally curly hair, the curly top crop fade accentuates your curls while providing a clean and sharp look.

Layered Straight Hair:

Layered Straight Hair
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

This design suits individuals with straight hair by incorporating layers on top, adding movement and dimension to the style.

Long Faded Crop Top:

Long Faded
Photo from: @ashxlauren

For those who prefer longer hair on top, the long faded crop top offers versatility in styling while maintaining a sharp and modern look.

Spiky Crop Top Fade Hairstyle:

Spiky crop top fade
Photo from: @yeganebarber

With spiky hair on top and a faded undercut, this hairstyle brings an edgy and dynamic vibe to your overall appearance.

Wavy Top Skin Fade:

Wavy Top skin fade crop top fade burst
Photo From: @alan_beak

Ideal for individuals with wavy hair, the wavy top skin fade combines natural texture with a fade for a trendy and effortless style.

Punk Crop with Hard Part:

Punk Crop with Hard Part
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

This bold and rebellious style incorporates a hard part, creating a distinctive and edgy look that’s perfect for those who want to stand out.

Long Fringes:

Long Fringes
Photo from: @kalin_barber

Long fringes provide a soft and stylish touch to the crop top fade, framing the face and adding an element of sophistication.

Colored Drop Fade:

Colored Drop Fade
Photo from: @ashxlauren

Experimenting with different hair colors and incorporating a drop fade creates a vibrant and contemporary look that showcases your individuality.

Messy Crop Top Fade Hairstyle:

Messy Crop Top
Photo From: @alan_beak

This intentionally messy and textured style adds an element of carefree coolness to the crop top fade.

Short and Clean:

Short and Clean
Photo from:@enzo_m3

Perfect for those who prefer a more refined and minimalistic appearance, the short and clean crop top fade offers a sleek and polished look.

Clean Crop Top Drop Fade:

Clean Crop Top Drop Fade
Photo from: kutsbyslime

With a sharp drop fade, this hairstyle provides a clean and precise finish, giving you a fresh and modern appearance.

Mexican Crop Top Fade:

Mexican Crop Top
Photo from:@MENSHAIRUK

Inspired by Mexican culture, this variation features a crop top fade with traditional patterns or designs etched into the sides or back.

Quiff Crop Top Fade Hairstyle:

Quiff crop top fade hair
Photo from: alan_beak

The quiff crop top fade combines a voluminous top with a fade, resulting in a sophisticated and contemporary style.

French Crop:

French Top Crop

The French crop, characterized by a short textured top and faded sides, offers a timeless and elegant look suitable for any occasion.

Comb-Over Crop Top:

Photo from: @alan_beak

This style combines a comb-over technique with a crop top fade, providing a sleek and polished appearance.

Disconnected Crop Top Mid Fade:

Photo from: @yeganebarber

With a clear disconnection between the top and sides, this hairstyle offers a bold and distinct aesthetic that showcases your individuality.

Temple Fade Crop Top:

Temple Fade Crop

The temple fade crop top features a fade that starts around the temples, creating a visually striking and modern look.

Blond Hair with Design:

Blond crop top burst fade
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

Incorporating blond hair and intricate designs or patterns into the crop top fade adds a unique and artistic touch to your hairstyle.

Middle Fringe Crop:

Middle Frainge
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

The middle fringe crop features a longer fringe positioned in the middle of the forehead, giving a chic and trendy look.

Red Hair Top Crop:

Adding a vibrant red color to the top of the hairstyle creates an eye-catching and stylish appearance that’s sure to turn heads.

Highlighted Brush Up:

Highlighted Brush Up
Photo from: @alan_beak

By incorporating highlights and styling the hair in a brush-up manner, you achieve a playful and dynamic crop top fade.

High and Tight:

High and Tight
Photo from:@osman.karaev

The high and tight crop top fade offers a clean and sharp look with a high fade and a short, neatly styled top.

Wavy Pompadour:

Photo from: @dynasty_barbers

The wavy pompadour combines wavy hair on top with a fade, resulting in a classic and refined style with a modern twist.

Short Sides with Twists:

Short Sides with Twists
Photo from:@barberclipsbr

This hairstyle features short, faded sides with twisted hair on top, creating a unique and textured look.

Caesar Haircut High Fade:

Caesar crop top burst fade
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

The Caesar haircut, with its short, horizontally cut fringe, paired with a high fade, offers a contemporary and stylish twist to a classic style.

Short Sides and Long Rounded Top:

Short Sides and Long Rounded Top
Photo from:@barbersukraine

This design provides a contrast between short sides and a longer, rounded top, creating a distinctive and fashionable appearance.

Shattered Bangs:

Shattered Bangs
Photo from: @ataev_edu

Incorporating shattered bangs into the crop top fade adds texture and movement, giving a contemporary and edgy vibe to your overall style.

Line Up Haircut with Dyed Fringe:

Line Up Haircut with Dyed Fringe
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

A line-up haircut paired with a dyed fringe offers a bold and modern look that highlights your attention to detail.

Drop Crop Fade Fringe:

Drop Crop Fade Fringe
Photo from: @ashxlauren

With a drop fade and a fringe positioned towards the front, this hairstyle creates a stylish and eye-catching effect.

Faux Hawk Crop Top:

Faux Hawk crop top fade
Photo from:@MENSHAIRUK

Combining the boldness of a faux hawk with the subtlety of a crop top fade, this hairstyle provides an edgy and daring look.

Texturized Long Top Short Sides Haircut:

Texturized Long Top Short
Photo from: @barbersukraine

This design features a texturized long top paired with short sides, adding depth and dimension to the overall style.

Short Lean Sides and Long Hair:

Short Lean Sides and Long Hair
Photo from: @vadim_shifrin_barber

For those who desire a longer top while keeping the sides shorter, this haircut offers a trendy and fashionable option42.

Afro Short Fade on Sides and Long Hair on Top:

Afro Short Fade
Photo from: @alexvianax

This style celebrates natural hair texture by combining a short fade on the sides with a voluminous afro on top, creating a bold and statement-making look.

Wavy Long Top with Short Shaved Sides:

Wavy Long Top With Short Shaved Sides
Photo from: @sami_barbershop

Incorporating wavy hair on top and shaved sides creates a striking contrast that exudes confidence and style.

Perfectly Disheveled:

Photo from: @barbersukraine

Embracing a slightly messy and undone look, the perfectly disheveled crop top fade adds a touch of effortless coolness to your overall appearance.

Hard Line Fade:

Hard Line Fade
Photo from: @MENSHAIRUK

With a distinct hard line in the fade, this hairstyle offers a sharp and precise look that is both modern and sleek.

High Skin Fade:

High crop top burst fade
Photo from: @barbersukraine

The high skin fade features a fade that starts high on the sides, creating a clean and bold style that accentuates the top of the hair.

Short Sides and Long Rounded Top Hairstyle:

Short Sides and Long Rounded Top Hairstyle
Photo from: @barbersukraine

This design incorporates short, tapered sides with a longer, rounded top, resulting in a balanced and contemporary hairstyle.

Casual Separation:

Casual Separation
Photo from: @alexvianax

The casual separation style allows the hair on top to naturally fall into separate sections, creating a relaxed and effortless look.

How to Style a Crop Top Fade

croptopburst fade
Photo from: @dynasty_barbers

It is easy to style a faded crop top and you can customize it to your own personal preference. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried locks. Apply a small amount to damp hair of a styling product such as pomade or wax.
  2. Create the desired texture using a comb or fingers. You can choose a messy, tousled style or a more structured one, depending on what you prefer.
  3. To add volume to your hair, use a round brush and a blow-dryer to lift the hairs at the roots as you dry.
  4. Use a comb to style your hair top in the desired shape.
  5. Be sure to blend the fade neatly. Use a trimmer to remove any stray hairs from the edges.
  6. Finish with a mist of hairspray to hold the style.

How to maintain a crop top fade?

To maintain a faded crop top, you will need to pay attention and care regularly. Here are some tips for keeping your hairstyle fresh:

  1. Regularly visit your hairstylist or barber for touch-ups. To maintain the shape and blend of a fade haircut, it is important to trim it frequently.
  2. Use a gentle shampoo to cleanse your hair and nourish it. Avoid over-washing as this can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry.
  3. Detangle hair gently with a wide-toothed brush or your fingers, especially if you are dealing with long and textured styles.
  4. Apply a small amount daily of styling product to maintain the desired texture and shape. Try out different products to discover the right one for your hair type and style.
  5. Heat protectant sprays can help prevent hair damage from blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons.
  6. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as this can cause hair to become brittle and faded. When spending long periods of time outdoors, consider wearing a hat and using a leave-in conditioning product with UV protection.
  7. Maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated to promote hair growth.
  8. Consider using a deep conditioner once a week to prevent your hair from becoming dry or brittle.
  9. Try out different styling products and techniques to keep your style fresh and versatile.


How long does a crop top fade last?

The longevity of a crop top fade depends on the individual’s hair growth rate. On average, a crop top fade can last anywhere from two to four weeks before requiring a touch-up.

Can I get a crop top fade if I have curly hair?

Absolutely! In fact, curly hair can add a unique texture and dimension to a crop top fade. Be sure to communicate your desired style with your barber or hairstylist to ensure they cut and fade your hair accordingly.

Can I style a crop top fade differently for formal and casual occasions?

Yes, the versatility of a crop top fade allows you to style it differently for various occasions. You can achieve a more polished and structured look for formal events, while opting for a relaxed and messy style for casual outings.

Will a crop top fade suit my face shape?

Crop top fades are versatile and can be adapted to suit various face shapes. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with your barber or hairstylist to determine the best style that complements your face shape and features.

Can I dye my hair to match a crop top fade?

Absolutely! Dyeing your hair can add a unique and personalized touch to your crop top fade. Consider consulting with a professional colorist to achieve the desired result and maintain the health of your hair.

Final Words:

In conclusion, the burst fade crop top is a versatile and stylish haircut that offers a contemporary and edgy look. With numerous design options and styling variations available, there’s a crop top fade to suit every individual’s taste and personality. By following the provided styling and maintenance tips, you can ensure your crop top fade remains fresh and on-trend. Embrace your individuality, experiment with different styles, and rock the burst fade crop top with confidence!