What face shape is burst fade good for? | A Complete Guide

The burst fade haircut is a popular modern men’s style that can look great on a variety of face shapes when done properly. The key aspects that make a burst fade work are the very short sides and back combined with the longer hair on top. This creates strong contrast that suits some face shapes more than others. Here is a detailed look at what face shapes can pull off the burst fade best:

What face shape is burst fade good for?

Oval Face Shape

oval face shape men hairstyle
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The oval face is considered the ideal shape for most haircuts, and the burst fade is no exception. The oval shape is well-proportioned with a rounded hairline and gently curving jawline. This provides the perfect canvas for the high-contrast burst fade. The short sides show off the oval shape while the volume on top adds some height to balance things out. This prevents the oval face from looking too long. The oval’s symmetry also lets the burst fade look neat and stylish.

Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle face shapes have a strong jawline, wide forehead, and nearly identical widths and lengths. This makes it another good candidate for the burst fade. The very short sides counteract the rectangle’s length and create the illusion of a wider face. The height on top also complements the forehead’s width. This makes the proportions appear more even overall for a flattering look. Just be sure to avoid an overly tall fade height or flat top, which could elongate the face. A medium or lowFade is ideal.

Diamond Face Shape

The diamond face shape has defined angular features with a narrow chin and wide cheekbones. The burst fade suits this shape because the short sides show off the diamond proportions rather than hiding them. The fade’s contrast also adds some softness that counteracts the diamond’s sharp angles. Keeping a bit of length and volume on top also helps offset the diamond’s narrow bottom half. This prevents it looking too bottom-heavy. Overall, the burst fade brings balance and definition. Just avoid pointy fringe shapes which could make the chin appear even smaller.

Heart Face Shape

The heart face shape has a wide forehead and cheekbones but a delicate, pointed chin. This inverted triangle shape requires careful styling but can definitely pull off a burst fade. The key is keeping height and width on top while creating contrast against the narrow jawline. The short fade sides display the heart shape rather than obscuring it. Volume at the crown and temples offsets the prominent forehead for balance. Stay away from a flat top, which could overemphasize the wide forehead. An expanded pompadour shape is better. Also taper the fade gradually to add some width around the chin area.

Square Face Shape

Square faces feature wide jaws, broad foreheads, and strong right angles along the hairline and jaw. The burst fade works well to soften these sharp edges. The short faded sides prevent the square shape from looking boxy. The taller top then elongates the face for a less stocky look. Angled fringe can be tapered diagonally to enhance this effect. Avoid very short fades and flat fringe shapes, as these make the square shape look wider. Overall, the burst fade slims the face and creates flattering angles.

What Face Shapes Should Avoid the Burst Fade?

While the burst fade flatters many face shapes, there are a few that may want to steer clear. Specifically, men with longer face shapes should avoid this short-sides, voluminous-top look.

Oblong Face Shape

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide with a long straight cheek and jawline. The burst fade’s tall height and short sides can overload the oblong face, making it seem even longer. Sticking with a more balanced style is a better option.

Triangle Face Shape

The triangle has a very wide jawline and forehead but comes to a narrow chin and cheekbones. The burst fade can make this shape seem bottom heavy and overemphasize the wide jaw. Styles with more volume around the temples and cheekbones are preferable.

In summary, the oval, diamond, rectangle, square, and heart face shapes are all well-suited for the modern burst fade haircut. This edgy style flatters them by adding definition and creating the illusion of balance. Face shapes like oblong, triangle, and round tend not to suit the burst fade as well. But in the end it comes down to personal preference and styling. A skilled barber can tailor the heights, angles and proportions to work for any face shape.