The Trendy Low Burst Fade Curly Haircut: A Fresh Style for Textured Hair

The low burst fade curly has become one of the most popular fade haircuts for men in recent years. This trendy cut features a very short fade along the sides and back that gradually gets longer near the top of the head. When combined with naturally curly hair, the result is a stylish, textured look that’s perfect for guys wanting a modern style.

Low Burst Fade Curly
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Why the Low Burst Fade Works for Curly Hair

Fades in general are versatile cuts that work well with all hair types, including curly and coily textures. The burst fade in particular creates a softened, blended effect rather than a stark contrast between very short and longer sections. This helps show off and accentuate curls rather than abruptly chopping into them.

Keeping the fade low rather than high also allows the curls on top to take center stage. A high fade could take too much attention away from the lovely burst of curl going on up top. The low burst fade nicely frames the curls and coils on top without overpowering them.

How to Get Low Burst Fade Curly

When going to the barber for this style, be sure to specify that you want a low burst fade rather than a regular fade. This signals that the fade should extend lower on the head and gradually taper out rather than abruptly ending. It also indicates you want that softer, blended look versus extremely short sides and back.

Two-tone Burst Fade on Curly Hair
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To achieve this effect, the barber will likely use clippers without a guard to trim the hair at the nape of the neck. He’ll then attach guards with increasing lengths, gradually working up the back and sides. This creates a tapered fade that transitions smoothly into the longer curls on top.

The barber should cut the hair on top long enough to showcase your natural texture. This may mean leaving 3 inches or more of length if your curls are tight and coiled. For looser waves and curls, a couple inches on top may suffice. The barber can then use thinning shears to remove any excess bulk while keeping the integrity of your coils.

Maintenance Tips

One thing that makes fades such low-maintenance cuts is that they only need touching up every 2-3 weeks. Visit your barber when the fade starts to appear less crisp and clean. Ask for a trim to sharpen up the burst fade while leaving the curly top intact.

Use curly hair products like moisturizing shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and styling creams to maximize your texture between haircuts. Refrain from vigorously towel drying and brushing, which can cause frizz. Instead, gently blot curls with an old t-shirt and use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair. Let your locks air dry or diffuse them to prevent disruption of the curl pattern.

With the right haircare regimen and regular trims, your low burst fade will continue to showcase your glorious curls for weeks on end.

Styling Options

One of the coolest aspects of the low burst fade is it remains stylish when worn as-is or enhanced with products. For an authentic curly look, simply allow your hair to air dry after shampooing. The fade will provide edginess while the textured top adds volume and interest.

To amp up the style, use a curl cream or styling gel to define the coils even more. Rake product through wet hair section by section and scrunch upwards to encourage bounce and curl formation.

For looser curl patterns, a sea salt spray adds grit and piecey separation. Those with tighter curls can smooth and elongate them with an oil like argan or coconut.

Guys who want a slicker look can wet hair and brush it back into a curly pompadour or faux hawk. Let the curls air dry in place for all-day hold. Pomade also works wonders for sculpting faux hawks and other lifted styles.

Whatever finish you prefer, the low burst fade offers the perfect canvas for showing off curly locks. After getting this cut, you may never go back to traditional fades again.

Complementary Facial Hair

Since fades draw attention to the hair and face, consider complementing your cut with strategic facial hair. The contrast of a close fade and full beard is very trendy right now.

For a low maintenance option, opt for scruff or light stubble. It adds another texture to complement the curly fade without requiring constant trimming like a fuller beard.

You could also grow out a mustache or goatee to play up the short sides and curly top. Or try a sculpted style like a chinstrap beard or cheek line to underscore your jaw.

Just be sure to keep facial hair neat and well-groomed so it doesn’t detract from the styled burst fade. Use beard oil, balm, and a beard comb to keep whiskers looking polished.

Who Can Pull Off This Style?

The great thing about the low burst fade is it’s incredibly versatile for all guys with curly or coily hair types. Shorter styles like fades minimize the appearance of thinning hair, making the cut ideal for men just starting to lose their locks.

Younger guys like the edgy, modern vibe of the fade paired with a textured curl top. Meanwhile, the tapered look remains conservative enough for an office environment. Black men with afro-textured hair will appreciate how the cut celebrates kinks, coils and curls.

Even men with straight hair can achieve this style. Those with wavy hair can scrunch in sea salt spray or curled cream for a temporary curly finish. And gents with stick straight locks can get a curly perm for longer lasting results.

In summary, the low burst fade allows men from teens to professionals to embrace and show off their inner curls, regardless of hair type. Any guy wanting a cut that’s simultaneously edgy and elegant should consider this partnering of a tapered fade and curly top.