The Bold Burst Fade Black Men Haircut

The Burst Fade Black Men is a popular and stylish haircut for black men. This fade haircut is characterized by its “burst” effect, created when the fade transitions quickly between very short hair at the temples and nape to longer hair on top of the head. The burst fade creates a eye-catching contrast that suits black men’s natural hair texture and curvature of the head.

Geometric Cut for Men
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Origins of the Burst Fade

The burst fade originated from the classic fade haircut that has been popular among black men for decades. The normal fade gently tapers the hair from longer lengths on top to shorter lengths on the sides and back. Barbers started experimenting with more dramatic fades, later termed “burst fades”, creating an abrupt transition between very short and longer hair. This created a bold, sculpted look that became very popular.

The burst fade is also known as the Brooklyn fade, as it became trendy among young black men in New York City. The style spread nationwide and is now requested often in barbershops catering to black clients.

Curly Top Fade
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How the Burst Fade is Created

Creating a burst fade requires skill with the clippers on the barber’s part. It starts with hair on top being trimmed to a longer length, generally between 2 to 5 inches. The hair at the temples and nape is buzzed down to the scalp with clippers.

The key portion is the hair left around the sides and back of the head. This hair is tapered very quickly, leaving hair lengths that transition abruptly from long on top to shaved close at the temples and nape. This quick transition, or burst, between lengths is what creates the unique look.

The lower edge of the fade can be created sharp and clean or allowed to taper slightly at the hairline for a softer finish. Designs can also be shaved into the fade using clippers for further embellishment.

Maintenance is required every 2-4 weeks to keep the burst fade fresh, as new hair growth will diminish the contrast. Touch-up appointments are needed with a skilled barber.

Variations of Burst Fade Black Men

There are many variations of burst fades created by altering certain elements:

Height of hair on top – can be longer or shorter.

Cool Temple Fade
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Sharpness of fade – can be abrupt or slightly tapered

Low Fade Haircut
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Low fade versus high fade – refers to how high up the head the fade extends

Smooth and Wavy Fade
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Adding parts or designs – shaved into fade or hair on top

Skin Fade with Curly Top
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Combining with other cuts – faux hawks, mohawks, afros

Faux Hawk with Side Fade
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Shape-ups around hairline to accentuate the fade

Short Smooth Waves
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Benefits of the Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade offers many benefits for black men compared to traditional haircuts:

  • Creates a bold, eye-catching style
  • Focuses attention on sculpted shape of fade rather than just hair on top
  • Contrast makes hair on top appear thicker and fuller
  • Emphasizes waves or curls in longer hair on top
  • Allows freedom to style hair on top in various ways
  • Fade grows out naturally as hair length, avoiding sharp demarcation lines
  • Looks neat and polished for school, work or special events
  • Expression of personal style and attitude

The burst fade haircut makes a statement for black men wanting a sculpted, edgy look. When created by a skilled barber, the burst fade can transform a classic taper into a stylish modern haircut that commands attention. This cool fade is likely to remain a popular request in black barbershops for years to come.