The Burst Fade x Taper Haircut: How to Get the Trendy Faded Look

The burst fade x taper haircut has become an increasingly popular men’s hairstyle in recent years. It combines elements of the classic fade cut with a textured top to create a stylish, modern look. In this 2000 word article, we will examine the key features of the burst fade x taper haircut, the styling techniques used, and provide tips on how to ask your barber for this cut.

Burst Fade x Taper

taper fadex

What is a Burst Fade x Taper Haircut?

A burst fade x taper haircut incorporates a high bald fade on the back and sides combined with a tapered cut on the top. It creates a short sides, long top look that can be styled in different ways. Here are the key elements that make up this cut:

High Bald Fade:

Burst Fade bald

The back and sides are faded from the hairline up, gradually getting shorter. It starts with a #0 close shave at the very bottom and blends up to longer hair on top. This creates high contrast.

Tapered Top:

The hair on top is tapered from the front hairline to the crown. It is cut longer in the front and gradually shortens as it goes back. This allows for increased versatility in styling.

Textured Top:

The top hair is often cut with texturizing techniques like point cutting to create layers. This adds volume and makes the top hair more pliable for styling.

Hard Part:

Many burst fades include a shaved part at the side to further accentuate the fade.
Close-Cropped Sides:

The hair on the sides is clipped very close with clippers, cleanly emphasizing the fade.
The tapered, textured top contrasts with the high-shine bald sides to create a bold, attention-getting style. It works well with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

How to Style a Burst Fade x Taper

One of the advantages of the burst fade x taper is versatility in styling. Here are some popular options:

The Quiff:

Styling the front of the hair up and back in a short quiff is a trendy choice. Use a few dabs of pomade or wax to create height and definition.

Source: wisebarber

The Comb Over:

Sweeping the front hair diagonally back creates a classy comb over. It can be worn neat or more textured.

Casual Comb Ove
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The Faux Hawk:

For an edgy style, use wax or light gel to spike the hair up into a faux hawk shape. Keep it tapered at the sides.

Faux Hawk
Sources: @poolethebarber / Instagram

The Brush Up:

Similarly, brushing the hair directly upwards and giving it light hold creates a vertical brush up style.

Brush Up
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The Side Part:

Parting the hair neatly to one side is a clean, yet contemporary option. It highlights the sharp part line.

The Spiky Crop:

Those with shorter hair on top can spike it up all over for a spiky crop look. Use a matte styling product.

Side and Up Spiky Hair
Source: @agusdeasis_

No matter which styling you choose, the key is to create contrast between the long, textured hair on top and the short faded sides. This is what gives the burst fade x taper its signature look.

Asking Your Barber for a Burst Fade x Taper

When asking your barber for a burst fade x taper, be sure to communicate the following details:

Request a “high bald fade back and sides”—this specifies the type of fade you want. Emphasize you want it faded very high.

Ask for a “tapered cut on top”—explain you want the hair longer in the front and tapered shorter in the back. Specify your desired length up top.

If you want the “textured” look, ask them to point cut or razor cut the ends. This will add layers.

Tell them if you want an etched part or not. If so, request a “crisp hard part.”

Explain what styling type you’re going for—quiff, faux hawk, comb over, etc. This guides the length needed on top.

Bring reference photos! Visuals help a barber understand the exact haircut you want.
Speak up if anything doesn’t look right. Communication is key for getting the burst fade x taper you want.

Hair Products for Styling a Burst Fade x Taper

The right hair products allow you to style your burst fade x taper with hold and flexibility. Here are some recommended options:


Water-based or oil-based pomade offers shine with medium hold. It works well for sleek comb overs or quiffs.


Hair wax provides a matte finish with strong hold and texture. It’s perfect for spiky styles like faux hawks.


For added volume and flowy texture, a clay product gives a natural finish. It’s great for height in quiffs or brush ups.

Hair paste delivers a pliable hold with low shine. It allows you to shape the hair and achieve flowy texture.


For extra hold in spiky crops or faux hawks, you may want a gel. Choose light gels to avoid crunchy styles.

Start with small amounts, work through damp hair, and adjust hold as needed. The styling options are endless with the right products.

Maintenance Tips for a Burst Fade x Taper

To keep your burst fade x taper looking fresh between cuts:

  • Get it trimmed every 3-4 weeks to maintain the edges of the fade and the tapered top length.
  • Use clarifying shampoo 1-2 times per week to remove product buildup.
  • Condition daily and use leave-in conditioner for softness and manageability.
  • Apply a small amount of pomade, wax, or clay to refresh styling between washes.
  • Use a boar bristle brush and/or wide-tooth comb to style. Be gentle—don’t overbrush the fade line.
  • You can trim stray hairs yourself using hair clippers with guards. Maintain the fade line.
  • Protect your hair when swimming or playing sports. Wear a hat to prevent damage to the tapered section.
  • By getting frequent touch-ups and properly maintaining your hair, your burst fade x taper will remain looking clean and crisp.


With its combination of a bald fade, tapered top, and textured style, the burst fade x taper offers versatility within the classic fade haircut. It makes a bold, current statement. When cared for properly and styled to your liking, this modern cut provides options for everything from sleek professional looks to edgy spikes. Discuss the details with your barber, bring reference photos, and get ready to enjoy your fresh burst fade x taper!