Burst Fade Textured Top | Stay On Trend This Season

The burst fade textured top is the latest must-have trend in women’s fashion this season. This type of top features a faded, blurred print or texture that looks almost tie-dyed. It creates a laidback, effortless vibe that is perfect for summer. Here is everything you need to know about this hot new style.

Textured Drop Fade
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What is a Burst Fade Textured Top?

A burst fade textured top refers to a casual, flowy blouse or tank top made from lightweight fabrics like viscose or rayon. It features an allover print or texture design that has a blurred, faded, almost acid-wash appearance, like it has been tie-dyed. The print often has a “burst” effect radiating out from a central point.

These tops provide a soft, comfortable fit along with visual interest from the unique blurred pattern. The fade design is intended to look casual, well-worn and imperfect.

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Key Features:

  • Flowy, drapey fit
  • Lightweight, soft fabrics like rayon or viscose
  • Allover blurred, faded print or texture
  • Tie-dye inspired blurring effect
  • Relaxed, effortless vibe

What Types of Prints and Textures Are Used?

There are many different prints and textures used on burst fade textured tops. Some of the most popular include:

Textured Wave
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  • Tie-dye or ombre patterns
  • Abstract prints like swirls, dots, splotches
  • Camo or animal prints
  • Blurred stripes
  • Acid wash or bleach spatters
  • Distressed prints to look old/vintage
  • Shibori style blurred dots
  • Faded leopard spots or florals
  • Brushed textures like terry or jersey

The key is creating a blurred fade effect on the print, rather than crisp and sharp lines. Soft, neutral color palettes are common for a laidback look.

How to Wear a Burst Fade Textured Top

One of the great things about the burst fade textured top trend is how versatile it is. The faded print tops can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Here are some tips for styling them:

  • Pair with jeans or cutoffs for a casual daytime look
  • Tuck into a midi skirt for a chic daytime outfit
  • Layer under overalls or jumpsuit for a boho vibe
  • Throw on with joggers for loungewear
  • Wear under a blazer or kimono for polished style
  • Tie at waist over a dress for added texture
  • Accessorize with stacks of delicate necklaces
  • Add a wide-brim hat for a vacation-ready look

The soft blurred patterns pair equally well with dressy pieces as they do with distressed denim. Have fun mixing high and low end pieces to make the look your own.

Why Are Burst Fade Textured Tops Trending?

There are several reasons why this new top style is gaining so much popularity:

  • Nostalgia – The faded prints are reminiscent of the 1970s and 90s, triggering nostalgia.
  • Comfort – The lightweight fabrics and flowy fit create an airy, comfortable feel.
  • Versatility – The tops can be dressed up or down seamlessly.
  • Visual interest – The tie-dye-esque patterns make even simple outfits pop.
  • Easy to wear – The relaxed style requires minimal styling effort.
  • Euphoric mood – The free-spirited vibe evokes a sense of euphoria and nostalgia.

The burst fade textured top encapsulates the laidback mood many are seeking after years of pandemic unrest. The ethereal prints let people express their individuality too.

Top Brands for Burst Fade Textured Tops

Many major fashion retailers now carry their own versions of the burst fade textured top. Some of the top brands to look at include:

  • Free People – Bohemian styles with ombre prints and shibori textures
  • Anthropologie – Whimsical faded florals and camo prints
  • Madewell – Gauzy viscose tops with abstract blurred dots
  • Urban Outfitters – Edgy acid-wash and bleach print tees
  • Forever21 – Affordable tie-dye and animal print blouses
  • H&M – Inexpensive solid tops with dip-dyed ombre style
  • ASOS – Wide array of blurred stripe and camo print tops
  • Zara – Minimalist washed tees with destroyed details

The trend has trickled down from high fashion houses like Dior and Stella McCartney to more affordable fast fashion. Look for the burst fade effect when searching for this must-have look.

How to Care for Burst Fade Textured Tops

Since the fabric is often delicate rayon or viscose, care is needed when cleaning burst fade textured tops:

  • Wash in cold water only, no hot water
  • Hang dry instead of putting in dryer
  • Wash colors separately
  • Use a gentle detergent or fabric wash
  • Spot treat stains instead of washing again
  • Be gentle when wringing water out
  • Reshape while damp and allow to fully dry
  • Iron inside out on low setting if needed

With proper care, the faded ombre patterns will maintain their blurred tie-dye appearance for many wears. Handle these tops with a gentle touch.


Q: What is the difference between tie-dye and burst fade?

A: Tie-dye involves manually applying dye in a pattern. Burst fade is printed to look tie-dyed and blurred but doesn’t use actual dye techniques.

Q: How do I wear a burst fade textured top for a formal event?

A: Choose one in a solid color and pair it with dress pants or a sleek skirt. Add heels and statement jewelry. Layer a blazer on top for more polish.

Q: What bras work best with flowy burst fade tops?

A: Seamless bras or bralettes without bulky straps are ideal. Neutral shades like nude or white will be invisible under sheer fabrics.

Q: Can I dress up a faded floral top for work?

A: Yes, pair it with tailored pants or a pencil skirt in a matching color scheme. Finish with ballet flats and simple jewelry for an office-ready outfit.

Q: Is tie-dye still in style or outdated?

A: Tie-dye is very on-trend, especially with the new blurry printed iteration seen on burst fade tops. It has a fresh, modern look despite being retro-inspired.