White Guy Burst Fade: How to Get This Modern Haircut

The White Guy Burst Fade haircut has become one of the most popular short haircuts for white guys in recent years. This stylish and masculine cut combines a fade on the sides with longer hair on top that can be styled in various ways. For white men with straight hair, the burst fade creates a cool, understated look that is easy to style and maintain.

Short Fade

What is a Burst Fade?

A burst fade gets its name from the way the very short faded hair “bursts” into the longer hair on top. It follows the natural shape of the head, curving around the temples and sideburns. This creates a seamless blended transition from the faded sides to the longer hair up top.

Mid Fade with Side Part

The key elements of a burst fade include:

  • Tight fade on the back and sides – The hair is tapered very short with clippers, gradually getting shorter down to the skin. This can be a high, mid or low taper fade.
  • Longer hair on top – At least 2-4 inches of length is kept on top. This hair can be styled in various ways.
  • Hard part – Creating a shaved part helps make the burst effect more defined.
  • Sharp hairline – The hairline along the temples and sideburns is sharply lined up for a clean finish.
  • Skin burst – The very bottom of the fade can be lined and shaved for an extra burst effect.

The burst fade works well for straight, thick hair types that white males often have. It allows the natural volume on top to burst out boldly from the short faded sides.

How to Get the Burst Fade Cut

Getting the burst fade haircut takes some barber skills. Here are the steps involved:

Man Bun with Faded Side
Source: Instagram/@z.cantonwine_stylez
  • Start with freshly washed hair about 2-4 inches long on top. Trim the top hair to the desired length based on how you want to style it.
  • Taper the back and sides with clippers, gradually getting closer to the skin from the parietal ridge down. How high you cut depends on if you want a high, mid or low fade.
  • With a foil shaver, edge and line the hairline to make it very defined. Shave the bottom edge for a skin burst.
  • Make a hard side part with a razor or edger. Curve it back diagonally from the front hairline.
  • Blend the longer top into the faded sides smoothly and evenly. Remove any heavy lines with scissor work.
  • Style the top hair up and back off the forehead for the finishing burst effect. A matte finish pomade works well.

Different Burst Fade Styles

The burst fade offers versatility in how guys can style the longer hair on top. Here are some of the most popular ways to wear this cut:

Shaved Fade
Source: Instagram/@_heaven_hairsalon

The Temp Fade – Hair is styled up and back off the face for a classic, masculine look. Works on most face shapes.

The Quiff – Top hair brushed upward and then back while the sides fade down. Creates a short pompadour-like style.

The Faux Hawk – Hair brushed upward then fanned out slightly for a faux mohawk style. Edgier look.

The Comb Over – Side part and hair combed neatly to one side. For a polished style.

The Fringe – Forward falling bangs with faded sides. Looks youthful and indie.

The Spiky Top – Hair styled with texture products for a spiky texture. Fun and playful.

The Buzz Cut – Very short crew cut or buzz cut up top for minimal maintenance. Still faded on the sides.

As you can see, guys have lots of options for styling the longer top with a burst fade cut. Work with your barber to choose the length and style you like best.

Maintaining the White Guy Burst Fade

One of the appeals of the burst fade is that it’s a fairly easy, low-maintenance haircut. Here are some tips for keeping it looking sharp:

  • Get it touched up every 2-4 weeks to keep the faded sides crisp and the edges clean. Book with your barber regularly.
  • Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner daily or every other day to keep both the faded hair and longer top healthy.
  • Style the top hair daily with your preferred products like pomade, wax or cream. Reapply as needed.
  • Use a beard trimmer to keep your hairline and edges crisp between cuts. Watch for new growth.
  • Protect the hair from sun damage with a hat. The sun can dry out the hair and cause fading.

The burst fade is the perfect way for white guys to style their straight, thick hair. With some regular trims and styling, you can maintain this masculine, modern cut for months on end.