Low Taper Burst Fade Haircuts for Men: A Complete Styling Guide

The low taper burst fade is a popular modern hairstyle for men that combines a low skin fade with a burst design carved into the fade. This trendy fade haircut offers a clean, sculpted look that’s perfect for casual, professional, and formal occasions.

Thin Hair with A Shaved Strand
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What is Low Taper Burst Fade Haircut

A low taper burst fade haircut combines a low taper fade with a burst design shaved into the fade itself. This creates a very short fade that tapers out quickly along with an eye-catching burst pattern.

The taper fade starts very low on the sides and back of the head, just above the natural hairline. It tapers up gradually to meet longer hair on top. This creates a clean, sculpted look when combined with the intricate burst design.

The burst design itself can vary, but often features curved line patterns shaved right into the fade. It adds artistic flair and makes the fade more unique and stylish.

Overall, the low taper burst fade is a modern, versatile men’s cut suitable for casual and professional occasions. It offers a cool look that stands out from classic fades.

The History of the Burst Fade

The burst fade originated in the 1990s hip hop scene. Music artists and fans embraced creative hair designs like the burst fade to express their individuality.

Barbers used clippers and shavers to carve intricate patterns like starbursts, lightning bolts, and other designs into fades. This took the popular fade haircut to the next level.

Over time, the burst fade evolved from having elaborate designs to simpler curved line patterns. It became linked to low fades rather than high fades as the style matured.

Now, the low taper burst fade is a refined, artistic take on the classic low fade. It allows men to add subtle flair to a traditional tapered cut. The style has widespread popularity today as a trendy modern fade haircut.

Benefits of a Low Taper Burst Fade

There are many advantages that make the low taper burst fade a great choice:

Clean, Sculpted Look:

The sharp tapered fade provides definition and contrast against longer hair on top. This creates a stylish, put-together appearance perfect for any occasion.

Artistic Flair:

The burst design carved into the fade adds artistic style without being over-the-top. It allows you to express your individuality.

Edgy and Modern:

The low taper burst fade has an edgy, urban vibe that feels contemporary and youthful. It’s a versatile cut that flatters men of all ages.

Low Maintenance:

Unlike some intricate designs, the simple burst pattern doesn’t require frequent touch-ups to maintain. It grows out naturally along with the fade.

Works with Many Hairstyles:

From short to long hair on top, this fade haircut complements all different styles. It also suits straight, curly, or wavy hair types.

Flatters All Face Shapes:

The tapered sides suit square, oval, round, and other face shapes by adding definition and angles.

Different Variations of the Low Taper Burst Fade

While all low taper burst fades share the same DNA, there are unique variations that provide a different look:

Standard Low Taper Burst Fade

Low Taper Burst Fade
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This is the classic version that tapers down from longer hair on top to expose the natural hairline in front of the ears. A standard taper gradually blends the long and short hair. The burst design is carved starting around the upper temple.

Low Drop Fade Burst

Low Drop Fade Burst
Source: menshairstylestoday

The drop fade creates an abrupt transition between long and short hair. It is trimmed to “drop” straight down rather than taper. This makes the slope of the fade steeper and the burst design more pronounced.

Low Bald Burst Fade

Bald burst fade hair
Source: menshairstylesnow

A bald fade tapers from long hair on top down to completely bald skin. The burst design is carved into the bald portion, creating a high-contrast look. This variation has the sharpest taper.

Low Temp Fade Burst

Temp Fade Burst
Source: menshairstyletrends

This taper fade is cut with temple baldness on the sides to form a “squarish” hairline. The temple area is taken very short, highlighting the burst design that extends upward.

Low Mid Fade Burst

Mid Fade Burst
Source: latest-hairstyles

As the name suggests, this fade starts lower on the head than a regular low fade. It tapers through the middle portion of the sides and back, creating a lowered fade point.

Low Shadow Fade Burst

Shadow Fade Burst
Source: coolmenshair

With this style, the burst design is cut subtly as a “shadow” into the fade. Instead of sharp lines, it has softer edges to be more understated.

Low Skin Fade Burst

Low Skin Fade Burst
Source: barberindustries

A skin fade tapers down to completely bald skin at the lowest point. This bold fade exposes the entire burst design for high contrast against the skin.

Best Hairstyles to Pair with a Low Taper Burst Fade

The low taper burst fade pairs well with these top hair lengths and styles:

Short Crew Cut:

Short Crew Cut
Source: @xbigwesx

A cropped crew cut adds ruggedness and accentuates the clean lines of the fade.

Textured Crop:

Textured Crop
Source: hairmanz

For a trendy style, a choppy textured crop with a styled fringe is the perfect match.

Side Part:

Side Part
Source: thetrendspotter

A classic long side part and neatly combed hair creates a refined, sophisticated look.

Slicked Back Undercut:

Slicked Back Undercut
Source: machohairstyles

Slicking back longer hair on top draws attention to the detailed burst design.

Quiff :


Styling hair into a voluminous quiff adds height and complements the tapered sides.

Faux Hawk:

Faux Hawk
Source: thetrendspotter

A faux hawk with longer hair in the middle and faded sides is an edgy, modern pairing.

Comb Over:

Comb Over
Source: haircutinspiration

Sweeping longer hair into a side comb over creates a polished look.


The Modern Undercut Pompadour
Source: gatsbyglobal

A tall pompadour complements the faded sides and is another stylish, eye-catching option.

Man Bun:

Man Bun
Source: @lasselom/ Instagram

Pulling long hair atop the head into a bun shows off the entire fade and burst design.

Maintaining and Styling a Low Taper Burst Fade

To keep your low taper burst fade looking sharp, follow these simple tips:

  1. Get the fade touched up every 2-3 weeks to keep the taper and burst design defined. Go to your barber to sharpen the lines.
  2. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep both the long hair on top and faded sides looking healthy.
  3. Style your hair daily by blow drying into the shape you want. Use styling products like pomade, wax or cream.
  4. Comb over or brush up longer hair on top to show off the burst design. Style as desired.
  5. Use a beard trimmer to crisp up your hairline and sideburns between haircuts.
  6. Apply beard oil and balm to condition facial hair and prevent dandruff on the fade.
  7. Get a hot towel shave from your barber monthly to maintain a clean hairline.

FAQs About Low Taper Burst Fades

What hair type is best for a low taper burst fade?

This style works equally well with straight, wavy, or curly hair. The tapered cut and burst design look great on all hair textures.

Does my hair need to be long on top?

Not necessarily. A low burst fade complements both long and short hair lengths on top. Styles like crew cuts pair well with the faded sides.

How often do I need haircuts to maintain it?

Plan to see your barber every 2-3 weeks to keep the fade and lines looking crisp. Book more frequent appointments if your hair grows quickly.

What’s better: low or high taper burst fade?

This is a personal preference. Low fades offer a more modest, sophisticated style while high fades have an edgy, urban vibe. Choose what flatters you best.

How do I ask my barber for this cut?

Show photos of low taper burst fades you like. Specify that you want a low taper with a burst design carved into the fade. Ask the barber to cut the burst design simple and subtle.

What face shapes work with this fade haircut?

The tapered sides suit all face shapes. Square faces benefit from the angles while round faces look sharper. An oval face enhances the clean lines.

Can I do this haircut at home?

It’s best to visit a skilled barber to cut the precise taper fade and burst design. Attempting it yourself risks uneven fading. Leave it to a professional.

Does a low taper burst fade work for professional settings?

Yes, this style is appropriate for the office, formal events, and other professional occasions when neatly styled. It’s clean and contemporary without being overly bold.


The low taper burst fade offers a modern, eye-catching version of the classic low fade haircut. Combining sharp tapered sides with a subtle burst design provides artistic flair suitable for casual, business, and formal settings.

This guide covered everything you need to know about low taper burst fades – from their origins and variations to upkeep and styling. With so many options, you can customize the perfect low fade burst cut for your style.