Can You Have a Burst Fade in the Military?

There are rules and guidelines that must be followed when it comes to hairstyles for military personnel. These rules ensure uniformity among military personnel. With the evolution of men’s grooming styles, questions have arisen about specific hairstyles such as the burst fading. This article will examine whether you can wear a burst-fade in the military, and give insight into the regulations and options that are available to military personnel who want to sport this trendy hairstyle.

Can You Have a Burst Fade in the Military

What is a Burst Fade?

Let’s first examine what this hairstyle is all about. A burst-fade is a popular hairstyle that involves a gradual tapering on the sides and the back of the head to create a “bursting effect”. The fade starts at the temples, and fades down to skin. This gives a clean, stylish look. The hair on the top can be styled or left longer as desired. This gives a versatile look.

The Military Hairstyle Regulations

The military has grooming standards for safety, uniformity and maintaining a professional appearance. These regulations ensure that servicemen can perform their duties efficiently while maintaining a uniform and disciplined appearance. It is important to note, however, that specific guidelines can vary between branches of military and even within units.

Military regulations prioritize practicality, a clean-cut look and a practical hairstyle when it comes to military regulations. In general, extreme styles which may interfere with the proper wearing of military headgear and compromise safety are not allowed. Hairstyles should be neat, well-groomed and without excessive length or bulk.

Can You Have A Burst Fade In The Military?

If you want to have a burst-fade in the military, it depends on your branch and unit’s regulations. Some branches may allow hairstyles that are within certain parameters. Others may have stricter guidelines. Consult the official regulations for your branch, or speak to your unit’s commander to find out the specific policies on the burst-fade or any other trendy haircuts.

Explore Military Hairstyle Options

There are other hairstyles that can be worn to achieve a stylish look, while still adhering the military grooming standards. Here are some popular choices:

High and Tight

High and Tight Burst Fade in the Military

The high and tight military style is a classic haircut that gives a clean, professional look. This style involves clipping the sides and back of your head to a setting between 0 and 2, but leaving the top a little longer. The result is a neat, tapered look that’s widely accepted by military grooming standards.

Crew Cut

crew cut

The crew cut is a timeless style that is both practical as well as stylish. The hair is cut short all around the head while maintaining an even length. The crew cut requires little maintenance and can be customized according to individual preferences. For example, you can leave the hair longer on top for a more versatile look.

Military Haircuts – Regulation

If you want a simple, no-fuss look and to be fully compliant with military regulations then a standard regulation haircut is for you. This involves maintaining a short and uniform length on the entire head. This gives a uniform look that meets military grooming standards.

FAQs about a Burst Fade In The Military

Can I request an exemption to the grooming rules for a burst fading in the military?

It is possible to request a grooming exception, but the approval process will vary depending on the branch and unit. Consult your commanding officer to learn the steps to requesting an exemption.

Is there an alternative to the burst-fade that is allowed in the military

There are many alternatives to the burst-fade that are accepted by military grooming standards. Styles like the high and tight or the crew cut provide a clean, professional look while adhering the regulations.

Can I have a fading burst while in basic training?

During basic training the emphasis is on learning the basics of military life, discipline, and teamwork. Grooming standards are often more stringent in order to ensure uniformity between recruits. It is therefore unlikely that a sudden fade would be permitted during this time.

Are there any guidelines for facial hair when a burst fading is used in the military?

The regulations governing facial hair also differ between branches of the military. Consult the regulations of your branch in order to understand the guidelines for facial hair. In some branches, a well-groomed beard or mustache may be permitted, while others may have stricter guidelines.

Can I have a fade-out if I’m in a special unit or special force?

Specialized units and special forces may have grooming standards that differ from the general military guidelines. Consult your commanding officer or the appropriate authority to learn the specific regulations for your unit.

Can I get a burst if I’m in the Reserves?

The Reserves and National Guard regulations may be similar to those of the active duty military or they may differ slightly. Consult the regulations of your Reserves and National Guard unit for the permitted hairstyles.


The regulations of your branch or unit will determine whether you are allowed to have a burst-fade in the military. Consult the official guidelines, or speak to your commanding officer, to learn the specific policies for the burst hairstyle or any other trendy styles. Even if the burst-fade is not permitted, there are other hairstyles that can give a stylish appearance while still adhering military grooming standards, such as high and tight or crew cut. All service members should prioritize maintaining a professional look and adhering military regulations.