Celebrities with Burst Fade Hairstyle: The Ultimate Trendsetter

There are many options for men’s haircuts, from classic styles to trendy and edgy ones. The burst fade is a popular choice for celebrities and fashion-forward people. This trendy and modern haircut has been seen on many A-list celebrities in recent years. This article will examine the burst-fade hairstyle, and we’ll highlight some famous personalities who’ve adopted this fashion-forward look.

The burst hairstyle is a taper fade that has a distinctive pattern on the ears. The fade begins low near the ear and tapers gradually into longer hair at the top to create a burst effect. This unique combination of faded side hair and longer hair at the crown adds versatility to the overall appearance, allowing people to style their hair in different ways.


The rise of the Burst Fade Hairstyle

The burst hairstyle is popular because of its versatility and edgy appeal. This haircut is a great way to express your style. It has clean, sharp lines. This hairstyle seamlessly blends an undercut with a burst at the temples to create a bold, unique look. This hairstyle is a statement of individuality that has caught the attention of celebrities and fashion lovers worldwide.

Burst Fade Trendsetters

Will Smith

Will Smith burst fade hair style
Image Source: Getty Images

Will Smith, a renowned actor and singer, has been seen on many occasions sporting a burst-fade hairstyle. This edgy hairstyle enhances his charismatic personality, making him a trend-setter in the industry.

David Beckham

David Beckham burst fade hairstyle
Image Source: www.imdb.com

David Beckham, who is known for his impeccable style, has adopted the burst-fade hairstyle with panache. This bold cut and his chiseled facial features create an irresistible charm which has captured millions.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth burst fade hairstyle
Image Source: pinterest.com

Chris Hemsworth has experimented with many hairstyles during his career. His past adoption of the burst-fade hairstyle has left a lasting impression, making him a fashion icon for many.


Zendaya burst fade hairstyle
Image Source: Getty Images

Zendaya is a prominent figure within the entertainment industry. She consistently pushes boundaries in fashion and beauty. She has been seen effortlessly rocking the burst-fade hairstyle, inspiring her fans.

Bruno Mars: Smooth and Suave Style Icon

Bruno Mars burst fade hair style
Image Source: Getty

Bruno Mars is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter who is known not only for his smooth vocals, but also for having impeccable fashion sense. Mars has worn the burst-fade hairstyle multiple times, cementing his status as a fashion icon. Mars’ burst-fade haircut perfectly complements his charismatic personality. He pairs the burst with a neatly-styled pompadour on top or a textured cut, showcasing its versatility. Bruno Mars is a master of the burst-fade, whether he’s on stage or at red carpet events. He does it with sophistication and flair.

Michael B. Jordan – Rugged Elegance

Photograph: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

Michael B. Jordan is a style icon for men around the world. He is known for his roles in movies like “Black Panther” or “Creed”. His burst fade haircut further cements his position in fashion. The burst fade gives Jordan a refined yet rugged look, accentuating the chiseled features of his face and his jawline. He styles his longer, textured top hair to create an effortlessly cool and rugged look. Michael B. Jordan, whether he is on the red carpet, or the cover of magazines, shows how the burst-fade can elevate your style to a new level, embodying an elegant and masculine blend.

Zayn Malik: Experimental and Edgy with Burst Fade

Zayn Malik is a British singer and former member of One Direction. He is known for his experimental hairstyles. Malik has worn the burst-fade with a variety textured, spikey tops to give the haircut an edgy, unique twist. The versatility of the burst-fade haircut is demonstrated by Malik’s choice to pair it with a textured look. This allows for a variety of creative and daring looks. Zayn’s confidence to rock the burst-fade shows how this hairstyle is customizable to reflect an individual’s style and personality. It’s a great choice for those who want to make a bold statement.

Kendrick Lamar – Classic Cool with a Burst fade

Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar in his video “The Heart Part 5.”

Kendrick Lamar is an American rapper and songwriter who is known not only for his musical talent, but also for his cool and classic sense of style. Lamar has chosen a more traditional approach for the burst-fade, combining it a slicked back hairstyle. This gives him a sophisticated and timeless look that exudes style and confidence. Kendrick Lamar shows how the burst can be adapted for a refined and classic aesthetic. This makes it a versatile option for those who want a more polished look. Lamar shows how the burst-fade can elevate an individual’s look and add a touch elegance to their appearance, whether he is performing on stage or attending an event.

How to achieve the perfect burst fade hairstyle?

Here are the steps you need to follow to get the perfect burst fade look.

Find a skilled hairdresser: 

For a flawless burst-fade, you’ll need to find a barber with experience in this particular haircut. Their precision and attention will make a huge difference.

Communicate the style you want: 

When speaking with your barber about the style you want, be sure to include all the details. To ensure a satisfying result, discuss the length, shape and overall aesthetic that you want to achieve.

Maintain regular trims:

Regular trims are required to maintain the burst fade style. It must be maintained regularly to look sharp and well-groomed. To maintain the desired shape, schedule regular trims at your barber.

FAQs about Celebrities who have Burst Fade hairstyle