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The burst fade has become one of the most popular fade haircuts for men in recent years. This stylish cut features a very short fade up the sides and back that “bursts” out at the top into longer hair. It creates a high-contrast look that is eye-catching and modern.

Straight Mid Fade with Straight Up Top
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How To Style A Burst Fade Haircut

Get the Cut

Go to a skilled barber and ask for a burst fade cut. The sides and back should be faded from the bottom up to the top. The top should be cut longer, about 2-4 inches depending on your preference. Make sure the fade blends smoothly into the longer hair on top.

Choose a Product

A matte styling product like a wax or clay works best for this style. Apply it to dry hair for best hold and texture. Good options include American Crew Fiber, Baxter Clay Pomade, or TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Wax.

Add Volume

Add lift at the roots by lifting sections of hair straight up from the scalp and applying product. Use your fingers or a comb to add height all over the top. Style the front upward at an angle for extra volume.

Texture It

Scrunch and tousle the longer hair on top with your hands to create texture. Twist and scrunch pieces in various directions. Break up the smoothness and create a natural, messy look with movement.

Finish the Sides

Use a comb to smooth the faded sides down neat and tight to the head. This provides contrast against the textured top. The sides should look clean and crisp.

Set It

Finish with a strong hold hairspray like Göt2b Glued Spiking Hair Spray. Apply evenly across the top to lock in the burst fade style all day. Reapply as needed to maintain the shape and volume.

The burst fade offers an edgy, modern style when cut and styled properly. The keys are keeping the fade tight and clean around the sides/back while the top remains casual and textured. With the right products and techniques, you can achieve this popular look.